FlowTracker2: How to Make the Highest-Quality Measurements Using a Wading Device

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If you’re a hydrologist, scientist or water monitoring professional, chances are access to precise flow/discharge data in varying environmental conditions is important to your organization and the communities you serve. Better data means better decision making – often in situations that are critical and time-sensitive.

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You might already be collecting data using the traditional mechanical current meter, or maybe you have hands-on experience with the SonTek FlowTracker or similar wading device. Either way, nothing beats the quality assurance, data accessibility and overall performance of the new FlowTracker2 handheld ADV.

Join SonTek Senior Hydrologist, Daniel Wagenaar and Application Engineer/Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld, as they review the traditional measurement process and how it is changing with technology. You will learn:

• The QA/QC Advantage: get comprehensive quality assurance and understanding about flow conditions. How to easily review essential parameters such as flow variability, flow angle, proper instrument orientation … and QC as you are taking your measurement!

• What is an automatic beam check and how it helps you understand environmental conditions;

• More about FlowTracker2 features that streamline the data collection process, such as audio prompts, templates and rich graphics;

• Understand the breadth of post-processing options and see examples of tables, time series graphs and editing. See ALL data parameters per station and per point velocity, for a 360-view of your measurement;

• Helpful tips on site selection for optimal data reliability!

Juan C Giacri
over 6 years agoMarch 7, 2016
En lo posible necesitaría información en español, hay algún sitio a donde dirigirme?
Gracias Sds.
Eugenio Pavlovic
almost 6 years agoJuly 5, 2016
If possible, Do you have spanish guide or spanish translatios or any kind of news about this wading device and it's  relationships with GPS survey .
How do we take the elevations from the bottom of the Stream? With bathymetric methods like ecosonda or similar?
almost 6 years agoJuly 6, 2016
How much is instrument
almost 6 years agoJuly 6, 2016
Can I use it in Lakes?
almost 6 years agoJuly 12, 2016

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