RiverSurveyor 4.0: The New Standard in Collecting Acoustic Stationary and Moving Boat Discharge Data

RiverSurveyor 4.0: The new standard in collecting acoustic stationary and moving boat discharge data You might have heard about some of the big upgrades to the powerful, multi-frequency RiverSurveyor-M9, but we didn’t want you to take our word for it – the proof is in the data – and we want to share examples on how RiverSurveyor 4.0 has dramatically simplified the data collection process for hydrologists and water monitoring specialists like you!

JOIN SonTek's Product Manager/Application Engineer Isaac Jones and Senior Hydrologist, Daniel Wagenaar as they highlight how RiverSurveyor 4.0 has improved work-flow processes for water monitoring agencies, such as the USBR and EC. They will also go over new features to include:

1) No tagline/tape measure required: With RiverSurveyor Stationary Live, automatically measure distance between stations with DGPS or RTK GPS equipped systems.

2) Manual configuration: Now you can set blanking distance, cell size and number of cells for moving boat measurements.

3) Real-time QA/QC warnings: Know when there could be a problem before there is one.

4) Zipped files: New and improved compression and auto-decompression, providing faster access to large amounts of data.

5) Sample filter: Remove your random velocity outliers with ease!

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over 3 years agoFebruary 17, 2017
I have used the Smooth&Novak Sistem (Moving boat)many years.
a brochure
I´m Hydrographic Surveyor.

It is posible send to me a brochure to read not to ear.

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